Gold findings
Showing off my treasure, using a glass cabochon


During the summer of 2006 my club organized a day excursion to go gold panning in Bauceville, Québec. Yes. Gold panning the old fashioned way. Along a creek, hunched forward, pan in hand. I was told not to expect to find anything and if we did it would be no bigger than a grain of salt.

Within 3 hours I found my nuggets, the size of half an oatmeal flake. Well I was happy and that was it for me the rest of the day. I watched everybody work the rest of the afternoon as I basked in the sun. I’m not greedy!

I’m not a fan of gold. And my find was not substantial enough to make anything. So what was I going to do with it. Someone introduced me to glass and told me I could shape it like stone. Instantly I thought of my nuggets.

I created a cabochon out of the glass. Added a ring around the bezel for a bit of interest. The ball at the top is to hide a bad solder joint. Made a backing. Carved a “gouge” to sit the nuggets and oxidized that area only. To my ignorance or lack of thought, the glass cabochon created a magnified view of my gold so it looks twice the actual size. I almost engraved a legal note around the bezel saying “objects are smaller than they appear”.

This piece has personal value with a story.

sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, glass cabochon, silver chain, gold nuggets